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Mississippi Music Artists Videos

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This website features music  videos of  Mississippi music artists..... a special place on the web dedicated to their music and accomplishments with a focus on the '60s and '70s.  Not many original music videos exists from that videos did not become commonplace until the '80s.   These songs included in this videos website have been re-mastered to produce the best quality audio and they are accompanied by live video graphics to provide an added dimension to these wonderful recordings. Please share this link with others who will appreciate the talents of these gifted artists from Mississippi and check back. New videos will be appearing soon.

Rick's Continentals Video "Cold Lonely Winter."

This song was recorded at RAP recording studio in Meridian, MS. in 1966 by Rick's Continentals Band.  Written by Rick Spence from New York who was previously a member of the Kingsmen before they became The Loving Spoonful.  Band members were: Rick Spence-vocalist, Stan Suire-lead guitar, Ray Vaughn-rhythm guitar, Bob Minnis-bass guitar & Darrell Ross-drums. This song employed the use of tremolo & reverb which gives the song that unique sound. Cold Lonely Winter was the back side of "You Can Live It Up" which became a multi-regional smash hit for the band.  In 2009 this recording was remastered by Rob Ulsh at Master Sound Recording Studios in Virginia Beach, VA. Rob Ulsh has produced recordings by music greats like, Glen Campbell, Crystal Gayle, Eddie Rabbit, Marilyn McCoo, Toni Braxton, Phil Nash and many more. Cold Lonely Winter is a part of Mississippi's music history.  Please share the link to promote Mississippi '60s Music Artists accomplishments.

Super Hit-Superlove by David & The Giants 
David & The Giants-Superlove 1968
For those of you who remember, David Huff and his brothers (David & The Giants) released this major hit in 1968. It became a classic in America and Europe.......and the sound is timeless. Almost everyone has heard this song somewhere, sometime playing on the radio. What you may not know is this song was written and recorded by Mississippi musicians. this song was something of a new trend in music for '60s artists combining strings & horns. Featuring David Huff on lead guitar and vocals, Rayborn Huff on keyboard, Clayborn Huff on bass guitar and Keith Thibodaux (little Ricky on the I Love Lucy Show) on drums. The Giants transitioned into Christian rock-praise music by 1977 and eventually released 17 albums receiving a Dove Award nomination along the way. David Huff still performs and has released 5 solo albums. These artists are remarkable musicians and among Mississippi's most accomplished music artists and the groups complete story is featured on the Mississipp Music website. Today David operates a recording studio near Atlanta and the group still comes together occasionally to perform. Their music is a real experience you don't want to miss. You may visit David Huff's website at this link:

Here's My Heart by David Huff (David And The Giants)


10 Miles High by David & The Giants

* *
Originally released in 1968 as a single and later as the backside of Superlove. In 1969 they achieved regional success in the southeastern US with singles of that genre entitled "Superlove" and "Ten Miles High". Their work of that era was distributed in both the United States and in Great Britain. "Superlove", "Ten Miles High" and some of the band's other late sixties singles have appeared on various genre compilations. In the early 1970s, the band performed in concert with such notable acts as Styx, Black Oak Arkansas, Cheech And Chong and Chuck Berry to name a few. .  David Huff was in the studio with The Rolling Stones when they recorded the song,  "Brown Sugar:, and also spent some time in the studio with artists such as Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart.

Time On My Side by David & The Giants

From the "Distant Journey" album released in 1991 on Giant Records and the video is an Official David & The Giants Video.

Always On My Mind by David & The Giants
This song was featured on the album "Distant Journey" released in 1991 on Giant Records and was one of the Giants greatest hits.

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